Add Classy Touches To Your Kitchen And Help Your Home Sell

If you are trying to sell your place in today's difficult housing market, you know it's a real challenge to set your home apart from all the others that are available out there. Making small changes to a room can make a real difference when it comes to making a real impression on a potential buyer: one of the most critical rooms is the kitchen. Here are some ways to add some classy touches to this all-important room, to help make it irresistible.

-- Range hoods

Range hoods are extremely practical devices that help to ventilate a kitchen and keep cooking odors in check. If you are still living with a generic-looking range hood, it's time to make a classy change. Today's hoods come in wood and even metals such as copper. The material you choose will depend greatly on the style of your kitchen, of course. Copper hoods tend to give the room an antique-feel and may not be the best choice for contemporary styles. Wooden hoods are versatile since they can be stained to match any decor and allow for real intricacies in design. Hoods come in standard sizes and can be customized if necessary.

-- Wood floors

Linoleum and even tile floors simply do not compare in classiness to the warm, comfortable feel of hardwood. Some of today's new laminates are much better than their predecessors and will cost less, but hardwood is still the way to go. Hardwoods are treated to be stain and water resistant and can be stained to match any style of cabinets or fit into any decorating scheme.

-- Copper sinks

Every kitchen needs a focal point, one item that will take a potential buyer's breath away when she walks into the room. A completely original idea that will instantly bring class and elegance to a kitchen is to replace the standard sink with a copper one. Copper sinks come in a variety of styles, from simple to ornate. They are relatively easy to clean and require only a daily wash using simple soap and water. The patina finish that the sink develops over time is always lovely and never goes out of school.

-- Customized appliance knobs

Cabinet and appliance knobs and pulls are perhaps the easiest, most cost-effective way to lend class to a kitchen. After all, decorative touches are not just for the bedroom: they should be everywhere in the home. A sub-zero fridge or cabinet-front appliance will look even better when graced by fine handles that complement the look of the kitchen. A quality merchant will be able to custom-create appliance knobs that will match the existing ones on your cabinets if needed.


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